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PAH Helping Paws Rescue
Dr. Rippie's Helping Paws

Dr. Rippie loved his town. He knew what it meant to be a part of a community. A good neighbor. A trusted friend. A real small town vet with a big heart. It’s in that spirit of generosity that Dr. Torre and the staff at Pennsauken Animal Hospital have started a non-profit called Dr. Rippie’s Helping Paws.

Helping Paws is based on the belief that every animal deserves an advocate, a voice that will speak for them and fight for their future. Lost, stray, and abandoned animals need someone to stand up for them if they have a good prognosis. Your support and donations towards this program will help us provide the medical care these animals deserve. 

We can all think of a pet we lost too soon. A loved one we would give just about anything to have one more day with. One more game of fetch. One more shared cat nap. Let’s do this together. 

All funds raised will be used to help animals in need of live-saving medical care. 

Ways to Support

There are a few ways to support Helping Paws! You can purchase some Helping Paws merch when you come to the site, enter to win one of our monthly raffle baskets, or donate directly. 

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Foster with us!

It is only because of the support within our community that we can take on cases. If you are interested in giving a pet a place to heal and grow, contact us today! 

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Dr. Brewlittles Helping Paws Beer

Drink Beer. Help Save a Life.

Dr. Brewlittles will make a donation with every

Helping Paws beer sold.

We have been able to help 95 pets with our community's support!

Stay connected with our upcoming events and fundraisers on the community page!

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Current Cases

Hover over the photos to see their current status.  

Digit, Helping Paws Dog
Digit, Helping Paws

Status: Meet Digit. Her pictures may be tough to see, but we want to tell her story. Digit is around 1 years old was found tied to a fence with signs of previously being confined for a long period of time. Her legs and paws showed she had been lying in urine, was missing a toe, had long nails, and very malnourished. Worst of all, she is parvo positive. Her eyes begged for help. She is now safe and with us receiving treatment. She was able to receive a new form of parvo treatment that we are excited to discuss in more detail soon.


Coraline, Helping Paws
Coraline, Helping Paws

Status: This is Coraline. She is between 7 months and 1 year old. She came in with a bite wound to her abdomen that was infected with maggots and a herniated bladder, and we gave the emergency treatment needed. She is the sweetest thing, just purred and cuddled throughout all the care. Luckily her neurological issues have subsided but is actually blind in her left eye. Her incision is healing nicely from her wound and herniated bladder repair. She is now at her foster home and doing amazing.


Peggy, Helping Paws
Peggy, Helping Paws

Status: This cat needed help and we couldn't say no. Meet Peggy (the pirate) is around 7 months old. Peggy is suspected of being hit by a car and was found by some neighborhood Good Samaritans. They did their best to splint her leg with a pencil and rushed her over to us. Her left eye and left leg were severely damaged, and both needed to be removed. We were able to get her into surgery quickly, and she is now healing at our hospital. Peggy is estimated to be around a year old, and though she has been living outside, she loves pets and cuddles from humans. We can't wait till she is no longer in pain and we can find her the perfect home that will always keep her safe.


Past Helping Paws Cases

Our Forever Helping Paw

Helping Paws, Sophie
Sophie is a very special case.
Soph is wonderful with other cats and dogs. She loves her humans and interacts well with them - but she HATES change. Changes in the home, vet visits - hates it all. If something changes, she does need an adjustment period to get used to any new change. She is does well on Prozac but does need sedated vet visits. No matter what or how long, we are committed to providing Sophie a loving home. We know that every life has value, even the more complicated ones. 
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