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Onsite & Online

We are here to help you refill prescriptions with our onsite or online pharmacy, see below for links to both.

Did you know that our online pharmacy, Vets First Choice, is cost-effective and convenient? We also only source medication from trusted suppliers, unlike other online pharmacies. There have been more cases of counterfeit medications or medications sourced from unknown realtors when purchased from online pharmacies that source their retail from third party vendors. Give your pet medication from a safe and trusted online source like Vet First Choice or directly from Pennsauken Animal Hospital. 

Pet Pharmacy


Please call or email us to request a refill with the onsite pharmacy for pickup.


Order through Vets First Choice or Purina Vet Direct and get your refills delivered to your home.

Preventative Reminders!

Never miss another dose! Simply click the button below to add dosing reminders to your calendar of choice.

Internal and External Parasite Prevention with Sentinel & Bravecto! 

Sentinel Spectrum is the Gold Standard for your dog and the best internal parasite prevention on the market, better than Interceptor. You can save big when you buy direct from us at PAH!


Our onsite pharmacy can save you more money than if you go to other online pharmacies like CHEWY or 1-800-PETMEDS Guaranteed cheaper than with our Greenline Instant Rebates when buying 6 months or more!


There's a Good Reason To Be Wary of Online Pharmacies

We have increasing concerns about the ethical behavior and authenticity of products supplied by some online pharmacies and internet retailers of pet medications. We are committed to providing the best and safest medications for your pet, and for this reason, we do not recommend purchasing medications from any online pharmacy except Vet's First Choice.

Sentinel Spectrum:

  • Monthly Heartworm & Internal Parasite Prevention

  • Stops Flea Eggs from Hatching

  • Treats & Prevents Hookworms, Roundworms, Whipworms, and Tapeworms.

  • Includes HUMAN GRADE beef (as opposed to chicken byproducts) and bacon flavors.

  • Affordability! Significant rebates apply when you bundle and save with Bravecto, which is much less expensive than 3rd party pharmacies like CHEWY & 1-800-PETMEDS


  • One dose of BRAVECTO protects your dog nearly 3 TIMES LONGER than one dose of any monthly treatment!

  • BRAVECTO is guaranteed to prevent all tick-born illnesses.

  • Fast: starts killing fleas and ticks within hours.

  • Convenient: ease & convenience of long-lasting protection means less worry.

  • Safe: FDA-approved and proven safe for dogs for 12 weeks!

  • BRAVECTO is also available in a topical form for those patients who do not tolerate the oral product.

  • BRAVECTO for cats includes moxidectin which prevents heartworm, roundworm, and hookworm iin addition to fleas and ticks.

Sentinel Bravecto Heartworm Flea & Tick


Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease that can be expensive and dangerous to treat. It is caused by worms that can grow up to a foot in length and live within the heart, lungs, and associated blood vessels of its host.


The preferred host is the dog, but this disease can also affect cats. This disease is transmitted from one dog to another by a mosquito biting a heartworm positive dog and transmitting the microscopic immature worms to the next dog it bites. The risk of heartworm disease in this area continues to increase every year as climate changes occur and people continue to transport dogs to this area from endemic areas. 


All dogs over 7 months of age should be tested annually as it takes 6 months for heartworms to mature to adulthood where they will trigger a positive test. Heartworm preventatives work by killing off immature or larval stages of the worms. Late or missed doses can allow larval stages to mature into adulthood where the preventative will not be effective in eliminating the disease. You then have an extensive and costly treatment plan recommended to kill the heartworms.

Roundworm & Hookworm


Roundworm and Hookworm are common gut parasites in dogs and cats, and are easily transmitted directly from ingestion of eggs, but also from ingestion of other animals (like flies). Roundworm can cause inflammation in the gut, causing issues like diarrhea or vomiting. Roundworm eggs shed by dogs and cats are infectious to humans. 



Whipworm is a frustrating gut parasite that can commonly cause disease in mature dogs (ie not just puppies). They are difficult to diagnose as eggs are only shed a few days a month. Many dogs are asymptomatic but can shed eggs and infect other dogs. Clinically affected dogs have severe intermittent diarrhea. 



Tapeworm in our area are typically Dipylidium caninum, which is spread via the ingestion of fleas. As all dogs and cats (even indoor only!) have some amount of flea exposure, tapeworms can be an inevitable part of living in our area. Sentinel Spectrum kills all tapeworm present in the dog, meaning clinically relevant infections will not occur. Prevalence in the region is estimated to be at least 4% in dogs and cats, but some estimates are higher (as high as 50%).

Parasite Map

Pet Disease Alerts is a monthly forecast that shows which parasites are active in our area. Use it to be aware of what can potentially harm your pet.

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