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State-of-the-art anesthesia and monitoring! At PAH we treat every pet like they are our own. Making sure they have a comfortable and safe experience.  

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To schedule surgery, you will need to be up to date with vaccinations – please reference our pre-surgical checklist for further information  

What to expect on surgery day:  


  • Prior to the procedure, you will get an email or phone call with instructions and forms to sign.  

  • Drop-off is normally between 7am and 8am but you will have a text/email confirmation of your time.  

  • We do a pre-surgical examination and pre-surgical bloodwork so we can tailor our surgery plan to your pet’s specific needs. 

  • During the surgery day, you will get photo updates on your pet from our surgical staff and we welcome phone calls to check in on your pet.  

  • Your pet will get presurgical meds, a cozy blanket and relax before going fully under. 

  • After the procedure, we use cold laser therapy to assist with the healing process. In addition to cold laser, Nocita is utilized in almost all of the surgeries; this is a drug that is injected during the closing of the surgical site which gives the pet excellent local pain control for 3 days post-op. Outside of Pennsauken Animal Hospital, it is rare to find it as part of the standard of care protocol. 

  • We allow for 2-3 hours of recovery so we can monitor your pet for any uncontrolled pain or potential complications prior to discharge.  

  • Upon discharge, we will send home post-op instructions, any needed medications, and a PAH bandana.  

  • You will get a call from the doctor letting you know how the surgery went and letting you know your pet is ready for pickup. The latest time we discharge is 7-7:30pm for routine procedures.  


What type of surgeries can we schedule?  


  • Spay & Neuter 

  • Lump/Mass Removal 

  • Cystotomy 

  • Perineal Urethrostomy 

  • Select Orthopedic Procedures 

  • Limb Amputation 

  • Opthalmic Procedures  

  • Abdominal Ultrasounds 

  • Select Advanced Soft Tissue Procedures 

  • Gastropexy 

  • Splenectomy 

  • & Much More! Please give us a call if there is a specific surgery you are looking to have done. 


What about emergency surgeries?  

Please visit our urgent care page to see what an emergency surgery would look like.  

We have a “Behind the Scenes” series to show what happens during different procedures.

Watch this video of a spay to see the whole process! 

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