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Spring Cleaning To-Do

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

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Spring is a wonderful time of year – warmer weather, more time to be outdoors, and gardens are blooming. As you start thinking about spring cleaning projects, consider these ones for your pets:

* Create a regular grooming schedule – whether it’s a full haircut, a bath, or a brush out it’s important to get your pets on a regular schedule to keep them comfortable as the weather changes. Regular brushing will help remove their dense winter coat to provide better air circulation and reduce overheating. Bathing will remove allergens and pollen to keep your pet’s skin healthy.

* Give them their monthly prevention – We recommend keeping pets on prevention year-round since we have mild winters. If you elect to only give it in the warmer months then don’t forget to pick up your next dose to keep them protected. If you skip doses of heartworm prevention then you will need to get them tested prior to giving it.

* Update your pet’s ID – now that you’ll be outside more you’ll want to make sure their collar and tag has the most up-to-date information.

* Deep clean their beds – Regular washing of bedding can remove dirt, fur, and eradicates dust mites. You’ll also want to clean any rugs, couches, or chairs that they lay on. Cleaning these items regularly will reduce smells and help keep your pet fresh between baths.

* Inspect their toys – it’s a great time to throw out any toys that may be a choking hazard or have been chewed to bits. If you have plastic bowls that have been chewed on, consider replacing them.

* Be careful with cleaners – Fumes created by cleaners and paints can be irritating to your pets. If you are planning to do some spring painting, consider keeping your pets in another room and opening windows. Better yet, have them spend the day at a spa or doggy daycare!

If you need refills on any preventatives or want to schedule your pet for a grooming just give us a call at 856-662-4450!

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