What to expect during your visit to Pennsauken Animal Hospital

During the doctor examination, your vet will weigh your dog or cat and examine their coat, ears, eyes, heart, lungs, teeth and gums.  They will listen to their heart and discuss any concerns your may have and answer any questions.

The examination does not cause your pet any pain, and even the vaccinations are just a slight needle prick. It is important to make visits positive and enjoyable for your pet so you can establish a positive relationship between them and the vet.  As your vet should see your pet every year for an annual health check and vaccination, a comfortable rapport during the examination is key. Getting your pet used to being examined from day one is so important and can be carried out by you at home.  Regularly check your pets’ eyes and ears, look in their mouth (and brush their teeth).  Touching their feet regularly enables them to become used to this so, if their feet need to be examined in the future it is a lot easier for all concerned.

Preparing for your visit:

*  Write down and bring along any questions or concerns you have about your pet.  Observe them at home and if their behavior is worrisome then mention it to the veterinarian.   

Bring a few treats and let the vet give the treats to your pet. Most vets will have their own “healthy” snacks and this is a great way for the dog or cat to enjoy a trip to the vets. 

*  Bring copies of any previous vet records or vaccines so we can put them in your record.  This will help the vet to get an accurate picture of your pet's medical history

*  Annual wellness visits should always be accompanied by a fecal sample.  We test fecal samples every 6 mon​ths for intestinal parasites.  Some parasite infections will cause no symptoms and some can be transmitted to humans so it's important to identify and treat them. 

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